Our Stories

Jocelyn S.

My family and I are US citizens, my dad is the only resident. I remember a few years ago when we were coming back from Paris, at the Dallas airport my father was stopped by an immigration officer. He asked him “do you speak English?” My father has been living in the US for more than 20 years, he understands the language but does not feel completely fluent, he answered “No, I don’t speak a lot of English”. The immigration officer immediately got upset, “How is it possible that you’ve lived here all these years and yet don’t speak English?” He was taken to be questioned and later released after 10-15 min. This incident reminds me of the comments I’ve seen on social media such as “You’re in America speaks English!” or “Go back to your country!” But if those people were really educated or knew their history, they would know that the US was founded by immigrants and that the US does not have an official language. What happened to the 1st amendment then? Freedom of speech? So my dad was in his right to speak whatever language he pleased.

Emmanuella A.

It’s hard to see a post without some kind of derogatory comments. I try to stay away and not engage but sometimes people just overstep. I remember trying to educate someone who had called a creator the n-word but it felt like speaking to a wall. You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change and it shouldn’t be up to a simple user to police social media. It was tiring and unproductive, he kept calling me nasty things. Social platforms need to do better at censoring and keeping such people away from others, especially those easily influenced.

Isha K.

I personally am not much involved into conversations on social media. But yes I have had experience otherwise. Sometimes when I have to go through checking on airports or any other place, I am sometimes treated differently because I am not white. One of the officers once cornered me stating"  we don't want to put you in jail but we want to make sure you are not doing anything wrong". I felt that was rude to comment since I didn't do anything wrong. They couldn't find anything in my bag or pocket. I was only particularly picked because of my color. I believe you should not judge anyone based on their color, gender, or anything that makes them different from you. We may be different but that fact doesn't classify as a culprit or wrong doing.