Our Mission

We believe small things can make a big difference, and with this, we hope our campaign sheds light on how seemingly “small” instances of racism and hate speech can lay the foundation for normalizing overt acts of racially charged violence and extremism. If we engage in “small” acts of resistance to such speech, we can help reduce “larger,” violent consequences offline.


Our team


Lauren duhon

Lauren is a writer, photographer and former educator. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Louisiana State University and will be graduating with her Master's degree in
Public Policy in May 2021. Lauren is passionate about local and state politics, as well as freedom of the press, sustainability, public health and gender equity. Pre-Covid times, Lauren was an avid traveler. Now,
when she's not gardening or rock climbing, she is hanging out with her corgi, Basil.


McQue wilson

McQue Wilson is a 2019 graduate of Sam Houston State University, where she received a degree in Mass Communication, and is currently pursuing

a Master's degree in Public Relations at the University of Houston. She's worked in a variety of industries, such as food and beverage, luxury pool and patio furniture, and consumer goods. In her free time, she enjoys reading and is an avid concert attendee.

Taylor york

Taylor is a sports fanatic, a supporter of HBCUs, and loves spending time with her friends and family. She received her bachelor's at Texas Southern University, majoring in Sport Management with a Radio/TV/Film concentration. She is currently a candidate to receive a master's in Public Relations with a concentration in Mass Communications at the University of Houston. In her career, Taylor has worked for the XFL Houston Roughnecks and interned for the Washington Football Team, Texas Southern University Athletics, and the University of Houston's athletic communications department and interviewed Chris Paul and Michael Vick for Texas Southern.


Kellin puello

Kellin is an international student and graduate research assistant at the Valenti School of Communication pursuing a Master of Arts in Public Relations. She has worked as a journalist, professor, and communication professional in the education and energy fields. Like a true Colombian, her day cannot start without a good cup of coffee. When she is not studying, Kellin enjoys exploring small towns in Texas, listening to country music, and learning to two-step.


rayna reid

Rayna is a pop culture aficionado, movie trivia buff, and fitness fanatic. She is currently pursuing a Mass Communication Studies masters degree at the University of Houston, and is also a graduate of Columbia Law School, the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education, and Cornell University. In her career, Rayna has worked for Google, interned at the White House, and Is an alum of the Teach For America Corps. She has also completed an Ironman triathlon, several marathons, and is a former titleholder with both the Miss America and Miss Earth organizations.


Ashley elliott

Ashley is a graduate student at the University of Houston pursuing a master’s degree in Public Relations. She took a leap of faith and moved to Houston, TX from Phoenix, Arizona back in 2018 without ever visiting the state. Now, she absolutely loves Texas (and all the amazing food that comes with it!). She loves fitness, is Disney obsessed, and prefers to start her day with a cup of coffee or tea. Ashley loves the thrill and is always ready for the next challenge or adventure!


Stanley brown

1st year Public Relations graduate student who likes to stay active and hangout with his dog.